What it takes
to be a Trading Representative

You will require some key qualities to be a successful
Trading Representative.

The Ideal Candidate should be:
   Self motivated
   Driven & Committed
   Passion in Trading
   With good / potential client network

The Hiring Process

You will go through a series of steps as you progress through the hiring process, from completing a job application to getting your Representative license.

Find out more information on each step in the hiring process.



You are required to pass the Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) examinations:

   Module 1A: Rules and Regulations for Dealing in Securities (SGX-ST Members)

   Module 5: Rules and Regulations for Financial Advisory Services

   Module 6: Securities Products and Analysis

   Module 6A: Securities and Futures Product Knowledge

Lim & Tan offers full sponsorship for your CMFAS training courses and examination fees.

License Application

After you have passed the CMFAS examinations, we will apply for your Representative License with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and register you with Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) once approval has been given by MAS.

All application and registration fees will be paid by Lim & Tan.

This entire process of the license application and registration takes approximately 10 - 14 working days.


Upon registering your interest, our hiring officer will contact you to provide more information of the position applied for and also to access your suitability.

Suitable candidates will then be invited down to our office to have a formal chat with us, where we will share with you the job requirements in more details.

This entire process may take approximately 5 - 10 working days.

How Lim & Tan prepares people to become a successful Trading Representative

Before joining Lim & Tan, we offer full
sponsorship of:

  CMFAS training courses and examination fees

As a Trading Representative, we offer full sponsorship of:
  Representative license application fee
  MAS annual fee
  SGX membership subscription
  Annual Continuing Education Program (CEP) course fees

Training Programs
  Technical Analysis and Trading Strategies
  Fundamental Analysis and Value Investing
  Stock Selection & Asset Allocation
  Sales Competency & Professional Selling Techniques
  Risk Management

Client Acquisition Programs
   Roadshows, Exhibitions and Seminars
   Attractive In-house promotions
   Joint client events with Singapore Exchange (SGX)