Liew Shiau Wei
Mobile Broker
Year Joined: 2010

Tell us more about the job.

My daily responsibilities of a Mobile Broker include providing timely advice on the latest happenings of the global economies and the equity market to my clients, executing trades in share trading in SGX as well as other foreign stock exchanges.

As a Mobile Broker, the location that I can be based in is flexible. I can be in office mingling and exchanging ideas with fellow Mobile Brokers, at different road show locations to acquire potential clients or at home to monitor the equity market and to attend to my clients.

Did you pursue any specific education, extra-curriculum activities and personal training regime to give you an edge in this career?

I did self study for M1A and M5 CMFAS exams but was exempted from M6 exam as I am an Accountancy graduate of NUS. Besides I had also attended a 3-month intensive course in FICS Training in Securities Marketing by SMU which covers Regulations, Fundamental Analysis and Client Portfolio management. Lim & Tan also paid for my technical analysis course by Chartnexus where I was introduced to the first glimpse of Japanese candle sticks and other trend indicators. Besides that, the company regularly organizes training seminars whereby they have different speakers to share with us on different aspects and strategies of trading.

Do you think the job has been conducive in providing you with work-life balance so far?

The job has enhanced my work-life balance such that I am able to have dinner with my parents more often as I no longer required to work late hours. Best of all, I have managed to reconnect with many of my ex-school mates and former colleagues who have become my valuable clients.