CFD Cash Index FAQ

  • 01. What is the size of the contract for CFD Cash Index value?

    The contract size for CFD Cash Index is equal to the index price multiplied by 1.

  • 02. How is the price of CFD Cash Index determined?

    The price of CFD Cash Index is derived from the actual underlying Future, which has been adjusted for interest and dividends. However, the CFD Cash Index price may differ from the actual Future price due to fair-value adjustments.

  • 03. What is the lifetime validity available for CFD Cash Index orders?

    The only Lifetime validity available is "Immediate or Cancel". This means that the order must be immediately filled or else the order will be withdrawn. The order will not be left to queue.

  • 04. Can I take a short position in CFD Cash Index?

    Yes, CFD Cash Index is available for both long and short positions.

  • 05. Do CFD Cash Indexes expire?

    No, CFD Cash Indexes are non-expiring contracts that you can hold if your account maintains the minimum margin requirement of the position. There is no hidden cost for expiry roll over.

  • 06. What are the brokerage charges?

    Commission 0.15%
    Minimum Commission S$8 (in respective traded currency)

    Subject to Changes

  • 07. What is the margin interest charged on overnight long and short positions?

    Margin Interest Charged On Overnight Long Positions:
    For Japan Nikkei 225 Index 5% p.a. (daily rest.)
    For All other Indexes 9% p.a.

    Subject to Changes

    Margin Interest Charged On Overnight Short Positions:
    For All Indexes 2%

    Subject to Changes

  • 08. How do corporate actions and dividends affect my positions?

    Dividends are adjusted to the trading account if the client is holding positions in an Index and any constituent announces a dividend.

    Other corporate actions like bonus issues, rights issues, stock splits, etc., do not have any impact on the CFD Cash Index position quantity. Index price adjustments will accommodate for these events.

  • 09. How is profit and loss reflected in my account?

    Unrealized profit and loss on open positions will be reflected in the portfolio in Index currency. The trading platform will reflect all unrealized profit and loss converted into the account's base currency for valuation purposes only.

    Realized profit and loss on closed positions will also be reflected in the portfolio in Index currency. CFD Cash Index does not automatically convert any cash flow resulting from CFD Cash Index trading into other currencies until instructed by the client.

  • 10. What are the eligibility criteria for CFD Cash Index trade permission?

    To trade CFD Cash Index, you will need to first open an Online CFD Foreign Securities Markets Trading account. Please refer to CFD Foreign Markets FAQ - Account Opening for more information.