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Competitive CFD-Foreign brokerage rates
Charges for the following markets:
Market Commission Minimum Commission Position Finance Charge
Australia 0.20% AUD 15 Long 6.5% per annum
Canada CAD 0.20 per share CAD 20 Long 8.5% per annum
China 0.30% USD 15 Long 8.0% per annum
Europe 0.45% EUR 20 Long 5.5% per annum
Hong Kong 0.33015% HKD 100 Long 8.25% per annum
Indonesia 0.35% USD 15 Long 8.0% per annum
Japan 0.30% JPY 2000 Long 3.5% per annum
London 0.35% GBP 15 Long 7.0% per annum
Malaysia 0.40% USD 15 Long 8.0% per annum
Thailand 0.25% USD 15 Long 8.0% per annum
US For Price <USD 21
For Price >USD 21
USD 0.03 per share
USD 15
USD 15
Long 8.25% per annum
All Short 4.0% per annum
Other Charges HK$
Stamp Duty HK$1.30 per HK$1,000

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  • Terms and Conditions



    CFD-Foreign trades refer to ALL new contracts only.
    This Rebate promotion is applicable to all existing Lim & Tan Securities (LTS) clients who have completed 3 Online CFD-Foreign trades within 3 months from CFD-Foreign account opening to be eligible for the S$75 special promotional rebate. Additional S$50 rebate will be awarded for the 3 Online CFD-Foreign trades complete within 1 month from CFD-Foreign account opening. A trade refers to a completed contract, subject to the markets minimum commission as shown above. All buy orders of the same stock fulfilled on the same day will be amalgamated into one contract. The same applies for all sales orders of the same stock fulfilled on the same day.
    Upon completion of the third (3) Online CFD-Foreign trade, the value of rebate will be reimbursed and credited to the account holder's Online Trading account in the following month.
    Only New CFD-Foreign accounts opened will be eligible for the Promotion.
    LTS reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.