We are pleased to announce with effect from Monday, 17 July 2017, Daily Leverage Certificates (DLCs) will be made available to trade on SGX market.

SGX is the first in Asia to offer trading in DLCs and allow investors to gain fixed leveraged exposure to developed Asian market indices. DLCs offer investors fixed leverage of up to 7 times of the daily performance of the underlying index, be it a rising or falling market.

DLCs are classified as Specified Investment Products (SIPs) hence investors must have the relevant knowledge and experience to commence trading in listed SIPs. For more information on SIPs, please refer to the FAQ.

The DLCs will be traded in board lots of 100 shares and in Singapore Dollar (SGD). The minimum bid sizes are similar to those of structured warrants.

To view the list of available DLCs, please click here. For SGX DLC product information, please visit https://www.sgx.com/research-education/securities-products#Daily%20Leverage%20Certificates which includes the DLC Guide and the Factsheet.

Restrictions on trading of DLCs by Lim & Tan Securities
Online trading of DLCs, structured and investment warrants are restricted to S$10,000 per client (subject to approval) in aggregate for all buy and sell contracts.

DLC Guide DLC Factsheet DLC Video DLC FAQ