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FAQ & Eligibility Criteria

FAQ & Eligibility Criteria

  • 01. Who is eligible to open a Young Investors (YI) trading account?

    Anyone who is above the age of 18 and below 21 years old can open a YI trading account.

  • 02. What is the educational requirement?

    To be eligible to open a YI Trading account, you need to have completed GCE 'A' Levels or be currently studying at a tertiary institution or Polytechnic.

  • 03. What are the supporting documents required if YI is currently a student?

    A copy of the student/Matriculation card or EZ-link card is required together with a copy of the Identity card (front and back).

  • 04. What are the additional documents required other than the account opening forms?

    i. Suitability Accessment Questionnaire
        - To be completed by 'YI', followed by a TR's recommendation.

    ii. Standing Instruction for Trust account form
        - Mandatory for 'YI' to sign standing instructions for auto crediting and debiting of trust account.

    iii. Acknowledgement form for "A Beginner's Guide to Trading/Investing In Shares For Young Investors"
        - YIs are required to read and understand the different aspects of trading which can be found in our "A Beginner's Guide to Trading/Investing In Shares For Young Investors". Following this, they are required to sign an acknowledgement form indicating that they understand the contents.

  • 05. What are the trading limits?

    i. Young Investors Cash Account
        - Up to 5 times deposit, subject to maximum Buy Limit of $50,000 / sell limits of $75,000.(Minimum Deposit of S$500 is required)
        - Only for equities listed on the Singapore Exchange

    ii. Young Investors Joint Account with Parents
        - Up to maximum Buy Limit of $20,000 / Sell Limit of $30,000 (No upfront deposit is required).

    iii. Cash Collateralised Trading (Applicable for Online Trading Accounts)
        - 100% deposit based, subject to approved credit limit.
        - Only for equities listed on the Singapore Exchange
        - For non-contra trades, purchases are deducted from trust account and sales proceeds are credited to trust account on due date.
        - Shares purchased shall be custodised in LTS' Sub-Account. Only custodised shares may be sold in the account.
        - There is no charge for maintaining the Sub-Account.

  • 06. What are the products that YIs are allowed to trade?

    YIs are only allowed to trade equities listed on the Singapore Exchange (except for Structured Warrants, Leveraged Products and Specified Investment Products).