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Dear Customers,
We have instituted the following trading restriction on the following counter/s listed below.

For the full list of SGX restricted counters, please click here or refer to "Trading Restriction Details".
For the full list of US restricted counters, please click here.
For the full list of HK restricted counters, please click here.

Type of Restriction All trading systems Internet trading Counter limit imposed
(see condition(s) below)
[tick accordingly]
Buy Only Both Buy & sell
Counter Name/s

Subject to Buy Limit S$30K and Sell Limit S$60K

  • Forise Int
  • Penguin Intl
  • Resources Global

Subject to Buy Limit S$100K and Sell Limit $150K


Effective Date
Effective Time
Reason/s To control counter exposure
Condition/s For additional limits, cash deposit is required.

General Information
SAS member companies shall announce on both SAS and their respective websites should they restrict trading of SGX-listed securities.

By making such announcements, it is not the intention of SAS member companies to take a view on any counter, adverse or otherwise, nor assume any responsibility or liability to any person taking action or otherwise, be it for any financial planning, investment, legal, tax or other purposes.

SAS, its member companies and representatives hereby disclaim all liability for any loss or damage of any kind (whether direct, indirect or consequential) incurred by any person arising from the interpretation of the information contained in the announcements.