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W-8BEN Form Expiry (US Markets) - Re-submission of W-8BEN

(1) Check W-8BEN Form Expiry
To check for the expiry date of your W-8BEN form, please login to and select as follow:

1. Click on "Foreign Mkt"

2. Select "W8Ben"

3. If W-8BEN has not expired, the expiry date will be indicated. If W-8BEN has expired, the W-8BEN acknowledgement box will pop-up.

(2) Re-submission of W-8BEN
Please note that your rejected orders may be due to expired W-8BEN. To re-submit your W-8BEN to continue to trade in the US Markets, please check that the details on the electronic W-8BEN form are accurate before acknowledging it. Upon acknowledging the electronic W-8BEN form, you will be able to trade in the US Markets for an additional 3 years.