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US Order Rules - per our US Broker

Please note that although the order is shown as accepted and queued in the order book, the order can still be rejected subsequently if it does not meet the US Order Rules imposed by our US Broker. Clients must ensure their orders comply with the US Order Rules imposed by US Broker. Please check your order status in the Order Book under Trade menu.

The Order Rules are as follows:
(1) For Equities priced at $5 or more:
- Orders priced greater than 30% from the last traded price will be REJECTED.

(2) For Equities priced below $5:
- Orders priced greater than 200% from the current bid or offer (as applicable) will be REJECTED.
- Current ask price for BUYs and current bid for SELLs will be used as the check price. If not available, the quote's last price will be used.

(3) Order Price Limit:
- Buy orders: Can be placed up to maximum of 10% above the prevailing price.
- Sell orders: Can be placed up to maximum of 10% below the prevailing price.

For example: If a security's prevailing market is $25.00 BID and $25.05 OFFER, all sell orders placed below $22.50 or buy orders placed above $27.55 will be rejected because they were placed greater than 10% away from the prevailing market.

(4) Fat Finger Rules:
- Dollar amount Default: Maximum order value (Price x Quantity) is US$1.5 million
- Shares amount Default for Others: For order value below US$1.5 million, maximum order quantity is 100,000 shares, except where order quantity compared to trading volume is acceptable by our US Broker.

If you have any queries, please check with your Trading Representative.