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China-HK News & Research Overview & FAQ

China-HK News & Research

As part of enhancing your trading experience with us, from 3 June 2023, you can now find China-HK News & Research within Lim & Tan Online Trading platform.

  • 01. How do I access China-HK News & Research via Lim & Tan Securities Online Trading platform?

    To access China-HK News & Research on individual HK counters, place cursor at your preferred counter and right click to select CHN & HKG News.

    Alternatively you may go to "Research" and click on "China-HK News & Research" tab.

  • 02. Can I view news and research that was released within a selected period?

    Yes. You can view news and research according to the selected period.

  • 03. How do I search for news and research for a specific counter?

    To search for a specific counter, please key in the stock code/company name and click on "GO".

  • 04. How do I download the PDF attachment under announcement detail?

    Download the information under announcement detail by clicking on the PDF file. If your browser blocks this, please unblock at the top bar of the window to download the file.