Unit Share Market FAQ

  • 01. What is Board Lot and Odd Lot?

    Board lot is the designated trading size for each company listed on the Exchange. In the SGX Ready market, the Board lot is usually 100 shares. For certain counters such as Creative Technology, the Board lot is designated as 50 shares instead. Some counters also have different board lot sizes traded in the Ready market. An example is Singtel, which has board lots of 10 shares and 100 shares.

    An Odd Lot refers to a quantity that is less than the board lot(s) in the Ready market.

  • 02. How do I trade in the Unit Share Market?

    Click on Market drop-down box to select "SGX UnitShare".

    Click on the alphabet of the stock accordingly - e.g. "S".

    Left click on the counter to trade.

  • 03. Which account type are available for trading Unit Share Market?

    Currently this is available for Cash, Share Margin Financing and Cash Collateralised Trading accounts only.

  • 04. How do I sell Odd Lots shares?

    For example, if you want to trade 35 shares of Company A (designated Board lot 100 shares), the 35 shares will be traded in the Unit share market.

    If you have 135 shares of Company A to trade, the 100 shares will be traded in the Ready market while the 35 shares will still be traded in the Unit share market. They would then be subject to the trading conditions in the respective markets.

  • 05. What happens if there are trades fulfilled in both the Unit share and Ready markets?

    The fulfilled trades will be amalgamated into one contract for the same counter traded on the same trading day, trade action, settlement currency and payment mode.

  • 06. Will there be a queue or is trading of Odd lots fulfilled immediately in the
    Unit Share Market?

    Order filling and queuing will be subject to trading conditions as per the Ready market.

  • 07. What are the commission and charges for trading Unit Share Market?

    Commission and charges, including the minimum brokerage, are the same as per the Ready market. Partial filled orders will also be charged the same rates. As such, clients need to bear in mind the risks involved when queuing on the Unit Share market.