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Electronic Account Application Process FAQ

  • 01. How do I fill in the Electronic Account Opening Form?

    You can select between Myinfo (For Singaporean and PRs) or to fill in the form manually.

    By selecting Myinfo, your personal particulars will be auto populated onto our electronic form.

  • 02. What is Myinfo?

    Designed by the Government, Myinfo is a service that enables citizens and residents to manage the use of their personal data for simpler online transactions. Users control and consent to the sharing of their data, and can view a record of past usage. Myinfo users will enjoy less form-filling and a reduced need for providing verifying documentation during online transactions.

    (Source from www.singpass.gov.sg)

  • 03. How do I use Myinfo to fill in the Electronic Form?

    For Singaporean or Singapore PR, once you select 'Proceed' with Myinfo, the steps to take to:

    • Login via Singpass to authenticate yourself.
    • Provide consent to the data you will be sharing.
    • Click to populate your Myinfo profile to the forms.

  • 04. What supporting documents do I have to provide?

    For Singaporean, PRs and Malaysian, please provide a copy of your NRIC (Front and Back).

    For Foreigners, please provide a copy of your passport (page with photo and your signature) with at least 6 months validity and a copy of your work permit (if you are working in Singapore).

    Please note that you are required to sign on the copy of your document(s) for submission.

    All supporting document will need to be attached at the respective section of the electronic account opening form.

    For mailing address which differs from your residential address, please note that you will also need to provide supporting documents which reflects your mailing address issued within the last 3 months such as:

    • Statement from any Financial Institutions
    • Statement from Government Bodies (e.g. CPF, IRAS)

  • 05. What type of account(s) can I open using the Electronic Account Opening Form?

    All individual and joint accounts can be opened using the Electronic Account Opening Form.

    These include:
    • Cash Trading Account
    • Margin Trading Account
    • Contract For Difference (CFD) Trading Account
    • Cash Collateralised Trading (CCT) Account
    • *US ATP Intraday Short (US ATP Short) Trading Account

    *Only applicable to individual accounts.

  • 06. Can I open a Corporate account using the Electronic Form?

    No, you will not be able to do so.

  • 07. How will I get my password?

    For eligible accounts, your password will be issued electronically.

    For non-eligible accounts, your password will be mailed to you. Please refer to our General FAQ - Electronic Password for more information.