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Bursa Malaysia FAQ

Trading in the Bursa Stocks - What you should know?
  • 01. Who is eligible to trade in the Bursa Market?

    Anyone who is 21 years old and above are allowed to trade eligible Bursa securities through Bursa Market.

    Please note that LEAP Market and Leveraged & Inverse Exchange Traded Funds will not be tradeable in Bursa Market.

  • 02. What are the Bursa Market brokerage rates?

    Online Brokerage Rates
    Contract Size Rates* Effective Rates* (Less 5% Mileage)
    Commission 0.25% per trade 0.2375%
    Minimum Commission MYR 40 MYR 38
    Advisory Brokerage Rates
    Contract Size Rates*
    Commission 0.3% per trade
    Minimum Commission MYR 50
    Other Charges MYR
    GST [Brokerage + Stamp Duty + Clearing Fee] x prevailing GST rate
    Stamp Duty MYR 1.00 per MYR 1,000
    Clearing Fee 0.03% of Trade Value (Subject to a maximum of MYR 1000 per contract)

    *Subject to Changes

Account Related
  • 01. How do I trade in the Bursa Market?

    You will need to have either an Online Cash trading or a Share Margin Financing account before you can trade in the Bursa Market. If you do not have an Online Cash trading or a Share Margin Financing account, please visit Lim & Tan Securities or come by our various roadshow location islandwide.

  • 02. What is a Share Margin Financing account?

    For more information on Share Margin Financing account, please click here.

  • 03. Are there any processing fees required to open an Online Cash trading or a Share Margin Financing account?

    There is no processing fee for opening either of the above accounts.

  • 04. Can I use my existing limtan Login ID and Password to access and trade in the Bursa Market?

    Yes. You can use the same limtan Login ID and Password to access and trade in the Bursa Market via all our Online Trading channels.

  • 05. Can I make changes to any of the Login ID and Password?

    Yes. You are required to change the Login Password the first time you login to limtan.com.sg

  • 06. What should I do if I have forgotten my Login ID and/or Password?

    If you have forgotten your Login ID, please click here to reset.

    If you have forgotten your Password, here are the ways to request for a new one:

    1. For Individual Account with valid email and Mobile number on record with LTS
    Electronic Password issuance: Please click here to request for a new one. A verification email and SMS will be sent to your email address and Mobile number in our records. Click on the link provided in the email for verification.

    Upon successful verification, your new password will be sent to your Mobile number. Please refer to General FAQ - Electronic Password Qn 4 for step by step guide.

    If you have an Individual Account and are not sure if you have a valid email and Mobile number on record with LTS, please check with your Trading Representative or the Online Trading Helpdesk.

    2. For Joint/Corporate Account or Individual Account with no email address and/or Mobile number
    Post: Please click here to request for a new one. Your old password will be permanently disabled and the new password will be mailed to your mailing address in our records within 2 - 3 working days.

    Please note that the Electronic Password will not be eligible for clients who do not have a valid email address or Mobile number. All other types of account holders (e.g. Joint or Corporate account holders) will also not be eligible for the Electronic Password.

Trading Related
  • 01. What is my trading limit for Bursa Market?

    Bursa trades are subject to the Bursa Market limit set in SGD for each Online Trading account.

  • 02. How do I access and place an order for securities under Bursa?

    You may login to our Online Trading platform, click under 'Market' to access a drop down list to select 'Bursa'.

    Click on the stock name you would like to trade in and a 'Place Order' window will appear. Select Buy or Sell action, indicate the number of shares, price and settlement. Enter your password again to submit the order.

    For your own convenience, you may wish to search for your desired Bursa counter, do a right click to add to any of your existing 'Watchlist'.

  • 03. How do I place advanced orders?

    Advance order is not available.

  • 04. What are the trading hours?

    Trading is conducted on Monday to Friday at the following times:

    Trading Phases Normal Market and Odd Lot Market
    1st Session Pre-Opening 8:30 a.m.
    Opening and Continuous Trading 9:00 a.m.
    Closing 12:30 p.m.
    2nd Session Pre-Opening 2:00 p.m.
    Opening and Continuous Trading 2:30 p.m.
    Pre-Closing 4:45 p.m.
    Closing 4:50 p.m.
    Trading at Last 4:50 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Note: All orders not matched by 12:30 p.m. will automatically be rolled over for the afternoon session.

    Please click here for the trading calendar.

    Source: https://www.bursamalaysia.com/trade/trading_resources/islamic_markets/trading_session/bursa_malaysia_i/trading_session

  • 05. Is the price data live?

    Prices are delayed by at least 15 minutes.

    All Online Trading clients will automatically be entitled to 6 months free access to Bursa Real time^ prices with 5 levels of market depth upon completion of the 1st Bursa Online contract~.
    (~Online contract(s) refer to trades done using Online Cash and/or Cash Collateralised Trading (CCT) Accounts.)

    Subsequent Bursa Online contracts will entitle clients to additional free access to Bursa Real time prices based on the latest Online contract date. E.g. If a Bursa Online contract is done on 1 Feb 2022, client's Online Trading account will automatically gain access to Bursa Real time prices until 1 Jul 2022. Subsequently, if another Bursa Online contract is done on 2 Feb 2022, client's access will be extended until 2 Aug 2022.

    You may also subscribe to Real time prices of Bursa Market for a fee. Redemption for Real time prices is available via our loyalty rewards redemption catalogue using loyalty points or payment by cash.

    ^Bursa Real time prices are delayed up to 15 minutes at source.

  • 06. What are the lot size for trading under Bursa?

    Bursa securities are traded in board lot size of 100 shares. Buy orders must be placed in board lot.

    Please note that the maximum order quantity for Bursa Market is 500,000.

    Odd lot trading is available for sell orders in the Bursa Market. However, it is not accepted by our Online Trading platform. You may contact your Trading Representative to place order.

  • 07. What order types are available?

    Only limit orders are available at the moment.

  • 08. What is the validity period of my order(s)?

    The validity of your order(s) is for one trading day. Order(s) will expire automatically at the end of each trading day.

  • 09. How do I know my order has been filled?

    All filled orders will automatically be updated under the status of your 'Order Book'.

    Please check your 'Order Book' for the actual quantity filled.

  • 10. What is the minimum bid size for Bursa Market?

    All securities other than ETFs
    Share Price Range Bid Size (MYR)
    Below MYR 1.00 0.5
    MYR 1.00 to MYR 9.99 1
    MYR 10.00 to MYR 99.98 2
    MYR 100.00 and above 10

    Minimum Bid Structure for ETFs
    Securities Market Price Bid Size (MYR)
    ABFMY1 At any price 0.1
    Equity-based ETFs Less than MYR 1.00 0.1
    Between MYR 1.00 to MYR 2.995 0.5
    MYR 3.00 and above 1

    Note: For bonds, debentures, loan securities, warrants and call warrants, the minimum bid structure has the same minimum trading spreads as for shares.

    Source: https://www.bursamalaysia.com/trade/trading_resources/equities/board_lot

  • 11. Will I be able to amalgamate my Bursa trades?

    There is an amalgamation of orders for Bursa shares for trade done on the same counter (buy/sell) and on the same trading day. All buy orders of the same stock fulfilled on the same day will be amalgamated into one contract. The same applies to all sales orders of the same stock fulfilled on the same day.

  • 12. Can I amend or withdraw orders?

    Yes you may amend or withdraw orders for quantities that have not been fulfilled yet.

Trading Settlement Related
  • 01. What is the settlement date for the Bursa Market?

    Shares purchase will be due for delivery on Transaction date +2 Market days (T+2). All purchases must be settled by due date.

    "T" denotes the Transaction Date. For e.g. if you purchase Bursa shares on Monday (T day), the due date for your contract is on Wednesday (T+2). However, if the due date coincides with a public holiday, the due date is the subsequent Market day.

  • 02. Is short selling allowed?

    Short selling is not allowed.

  • 03. How will I know how much is the settlement amount?

    You will receive a hardcopy Contract Note from LTS. You will also be able to find the information displayed at 'Account Mgmt' under 'Outstanding Positions'.

  • 04. What is the settlement currency for my purchases and sales?

    The settlement currency in the 'Place Order' screen will be defaulted to MYR. If you wish to settle in SGD, please remember to change the settlement currency to SGD before you submit your order.

    To see the indicative foreign exchange rate, please click on 'Board Rate'.

  • 05. What if I want to change the settlement currency?

    You are able to change the settlement currency by calling your Trading Representative on trade date or by 10:00 a.m. on T+1.

  • 06. How do I make payment for my purchases?

    Singapore dollar (SGD) and Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) cheque for payment must reach LTS before 5:00 p.m. (Singapore Time) latest by T+2.

    For SGD settlement: GIRO/EPS/PAYNOW/Bill Payment/Cheque/Cashier's Order

    For MYR settlement: TT (all charges are to be borne by client)
    Our MYR bank details:-
    Beneficiary Bank : OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad
    Beneficiary Bank Swift : OCBCMYKL
    Beneficiary Account Name : Lim & Tan Securities Pte Ltd
    Beneficiary Account No. : 701-145583-4
    Payment Details : Please indicate your 7-digit trading account no.

  • 07. Can I use my CPF/SRS fund to settle the transaction?

    No. CPF/SRS fund cannot be used to settle the foreign transaction.

  • 08. What will happen to my shares after I have made payment for it?

    The shares will be kept in our foreign custody by next working day after payment.

  • 09. Are there any charges for keeping my shares in the safe custody of LTS?

    Yes. Monthly foreign custody fee is S$2 per counter, subject to a maximum of S$150 per quarter + GST or 0.0025% p.a. of market value of shares whichever is applicable.

    For clients who conduct at least 6 trades in a quarter in any markets, the monthly fee of S$2 per counter will be waived in any month of that quarter. If there are less than 6 trades per quarter, clients who conduct at least 2 trades in a month, the monthly fee of S$2 per counter will be waived in that month.

  • 10. How will I be billed for custody charges if I hold foreign shares in two separate accounts?

    The custody charges will be levied on a per account basis. If you hold foreign shares in two separate accounts, you will be billed according to the shareholdings in each account.

  • 11. Can I consolidate all my foreign shares into one account?

    Yes. Account holders may submit written instruction to our Operations department - Custody/Corporate Actions.

  • 12. How do I make payment for the custody charges?

    You may pay by PAYNOW/Cheque/Electronic Payment of Shares (EPS)/Bill Payment.

    Outstanding custody fees will also be auto-netted against any payments due to you. Where there are no outgoing payments, the deductions of outstanding custody fees will be from any available funds in the Trust account.

  • 13. Can I transfer the Bursa shares in from other broker(s) to my Online Trading account at LTS? Will there be any charges for shares transferred into LTS?

    Yes, transfer request is allowed. For transfer details, you may contact our Operations department - Settlement at 6437 0145/148.

    There are no charges for shares transferred into LTS. However, there are transfer fees imposed by the delivering securities firm.

  • 14. Will there be any charges for shares transferred out from LTS?

    Yes, there is a transfer fee of S$50 + GST per counter and Bursa transfer fee of RM10 + GST per counter. For more details, you may contact Operations department - Settlement at 6437 0145/148.

  • 15. Can I contra my purchases?

    Yes, contra is allowed for the Bursa Market. However, do note that the shares not bought through our Online Trading system must be custodised with Lim & Tan's depository agent before you can sell.

  • 16. What will happen if I do not pay on time?

    Unpaid shares after the due date will be force sold at the Company's discretion.

  • 17. Are there any dividend handling fee for dividend received?

    Yes. Dividend handling fee will be charged.
    Dividend Amount Dividend Charges + Foreign broker fees and taxes (if applicable)
    Below S$10 S$3 + GST
    S$10 to S$500 S$5 + GST
    Above S$500 1% subject to max. of S$100 + GST

    Note: Dividends are subjected to a withholding tax of 30%.
    All fees and charges are subject to revision without prior notice.

  • 18. How much is the corporate action charges?

    Service charge on cash offer/expiry of warrants/rights application is S$10 per counter + GST.

Trust Account
  • 01. Will there be interest credited to credit balance in my trust account?

    Interest (if any) will be computed and credited to trust account on a daily basis. Where applicable, we will pay interest at our published interest rate, calculated on daily balances. For avoidance of doubt, the published interest rate is determined by us, and subject to change from time to time at our sole and absolute discretion.

    The current published MYR interest rate is 1.00% p.a.